Who We Are

We are Bangladesh Sentinel Truckers Virtual Trucking Company. Recent past we were appointed driver only from Bangladesh. Now we started hire driver from all over the world. We are follow zero tolerance on rules. BST always think about safety. Our moto is "Drive Safely Feel the Reality”. We ensure the following services to a drive so that they can get better experience!

  • Safely Driving
  • Friendly Enviournment
  • Realstic Driving
  • Emergency Support
  • Own Teamspeak server
  • Feed Back system

What We have Done!!!

In recent past we got many achivement.Since BST created we appointed almost 145 Drivers,created Admin-panel for ensuring safety,and was attended many international event,here are our all record what we have done on this year

1 Total BST Driver
1 BST Stuffs
1 Total Convoy
1 International Event

Never Stop Learn Driving

How We Work

Bangladesh Sentinel truckers working harder and harder to ensure 3 things on the road.which will helps us to improve more and more


Peacefull Driving

Working on this so that our drivers can drive peacefully and can maintain all instruction



our 1st priority to ensure safety Driving on the road,so that our driver can drive easily with others



Though it is a game but we belive here is much things to feel real and we are working so that they can understand the real feel

We have high quality services that you will surely love!

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide transportation services in world of trucks and always we try and develop to our player services. Offer time help, problem solving solution and help with each other to increase our bonding. We share our knowledge, Idea and always try to develop and thinking how to improve our VTC goal.

Our vision is mainly safest driving and respect each players. It’s a VTC where driving safety is major issue. We will utilize our training and our core values to achieve our mission.